Theme Squirrel Provides a Better Way to Browse Themeforest

Theme Squirrel is a site that I discovered this week through a link in the Hacker Newsletter. It provides a much easier, more enjoyable way to browse themes on Themeforest, making use of an infinite scroller, jQuery Masonry, jsTree and leanModal. Find out more technical details about how it was built by visiting the Theme Squirrel about page.


When browsing Theme Squirrel you can click on the menu at the left to sort themes by category. You can also change the size of the preview boxes to tiny, medium, or large.

Theme Squirrel is also responsive to various screen sizes and devices, making it a great website for browsing themes on the go. Overall it’s just a more pleasant experience than browsing the Themeforest site itself. Add Theme Squirrel to your bookmarks for the next time you’re in the market for a WordPress theme.