Upcoming Changes to the WordPress Theme Review Guidelines

The WordPress Theme Review Team recently posted their proposed changes for the upcoming WordPress 3.1 release. If you’re a WordPress theme developer and you want to have your theme listed in the directory, you’ll need to make note of these guidelines and start moving in that direction.

  • Post Formats
    • Themes will be recommended, but not required, to support Post Formats.
    • However, if Themes support Post Format functionality, they are required to support core functionality
    • Themes that support Post Formats may optionally implement any or all standard Post Format types
    • Themes are required to support only the core-defined Post Format types. Unless an extension API is implemented in core, Themes are required not to implement a custom extension for Post Format types (e.g. “hacking” the core Post Format type list to add custom types, such as “audio”).
  • Custom Post Type Index Pages: if Themes include Custom Post Type Index Pages, they are required to provide Theme documentation to explain their usage
  • Admin Bar: Themes should be aware of any potential aesthetic impact of the Admin Bar

If you want to get a jump on 3.1 compatibility for your themes, the theme review team’s recommendations will help you get prepared. For more detailed recommendations on WordPress 3.1, check out the team’s recent post.