Use Lil’Omi to Get Cute Cartoon Avatars and Cross-site Facebook Connect for BuddyPress

Some communities are really into using cartoon-style avatars for online identities. If you’re operating a BuddyPress site and you want users to be able to create their own cartoon avatars for your site, check out the Lil’Omi Avatars plugin. It integrates the Lil’Omi avatar service into your BuddyPress site, along with Facebook Connect.

Lil’Omi Avatars lets your users have a unique, customizable avatar with millions of possible combinations. Each user creates a 2D avatar for himself and selects a username, which becomes his default WordPress username and avatar on your site with a simple authentication step using Facebook Connect.

The plugin adds a “Login with Lil’Omi” button to your log in, registration, and comment forms visible to logged-out users. It allows users to sign in with Facebook, without having to share their actual name or Facebook photo, as it taps into the Lil’Omi data.

Lil’Omi users are able to easily sign into any site or community using the Lil’Omi login, without having to go through the normal registration process. It’s also very easy to install – simply activate it and enter your email address. Download the Lil’Omi Avatars plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository.