Where to Find Official WordPress Logos

If you’ve ever wanted to use a WordPress logo on your site, you can go right to the source and get one:


For some reason, WordPress likes to make a big deal about what a “good” WordPress logo is and what a “bad” WordPress logo is.


They also say the following about colors, “When reproducing WordPress artwork in print or online, your project will look its best if you use this official WordPress color palette.”

I beg to differ. And so that’s why I’ve changed the colors up in the graphic on this post. I’ve also made them glaring and brash for good measure. No doubt somebody’s head is exploding right this very moment.

To be honest, all this nitpicking seems silly to me. Isn’t WordPress (at least in part) supposed to be about opening things up and being original?


You can still go to this link and get some logos. There are lots of different sizes and file types available, including PNG files, PDF files, and Photoshop PSD files.

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  • WordPress might be about creating your own themes and being original, but does does not include tarnishing it’s branding.

    I’m looking at all the Facebook logos on this site, and each one is a blue-purple square with an “f” in it, slightly right-lower aligned. If, you change the font of the F, put it in the center of the box and changed the background to red, do you think anyone would know what it is?

    Kudos to Automattic for trying to help people use their branding effectively. Being a WordPress designer, I’m obviously familiar with the logo. If I went to a site that had the improper “W”, I would automatically assume it’s “amateur hour,” and not take the site as seriously. Branding is that important (at least to me).

    There is nothing wrong with attention to detail.

  • I can only assume this is all tongue in cheek, as otherwise it is one of the truly worst posts I’ve read.

    The WordPress brand and design are excellent and, if anything, the very diverse nature of uses to which it is put make the encouragement of respecting some kind of brand even more important.

    I appreciate the posts of WPMU but this one is just silly.

  • The Incredible Code Injector

    I think that their goal is to have consistency in branding, nothing wrong with that. It’s just a standard they’re setting that doesn’t even have to be followed …. has WPMUDEV’s bitterness with WordPress really reached a level that results in petty gripes like this? If only WPMUDEV set standards with their plugins and support response times.

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    • Author

      Hi Trace. You make a good point about branding; however, that’s not the point WP makes. They say, “Your project will look its best if you use this official WordPress color palette.”

      In terms of WPMUDev’s bitterness — I’m relatively new here, and I am only tangentially aware of any of “WPMUDev’s bitterness.” So any bitterness you sense is purely mine. And I didn’t mean to come off as bitter anyway. I just think it’s silly.

      I happen to like it when people get creative with the logo. That’s all.

    • New Recruit

      Trace, this is all Joe’s own bitterness :D

      In fact, I’d say we’re pretty un-bitter these days, we even have a business relationship with Automattic via Edublogs (shock!)

      But it doesn’t mean that our writers aren’t independent and allowed to express their own opinions… good and bad.

      And thanks for assisting with keyword stuffing, if you could do some anchor text linking too that’d be great!

  • The Incredible Code Injector

    @James: I appreciate your response. This is especially true since most of your dialogue I’ve seen via comments is usually pretty volatile and full of profanities, so I appreciate you taking it easy on me, I’m a bit sensitive. :) Now if we could only get such prompt responses and attention as paying clients in the WPMUDEV support forums …. :p

    • New Recruit

      I can tell you to eff off if it’d make you feel any better ;)

      (as an aside, it never fails to amuse me how upset grown men can get by language that they doubtless use/hear on a daily basis, maybe it’s because folk can tell I *really mean* it…)


      RE: WPMU DEV Support forums, of course there are occasions where people are unsatisfied, it’s a literal truth that you can’t please everyone all the time, but we’re determined to do our best to get as close to that as possible.

      And on that front we’d invite anyone who wants to see for themselves how good / bad our support is to take a look: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/

      Nothing to hide :)

  • This is actually a trademark thing, not exclusive to WP. Businesses organized in the US can only legally protect and preserve their branding rights if they offer distinctive guidance on its use under trademark law. In this case, WP is just following the letter of the law, regardless of how it must sound. :)

  • New Recruit

    I have no problem with WordPress protecting their brand – in fact, it’s what they should be doing. If someone took my Words for WP owl and made it luminous pink I’d find out where they lived and poke them in the eye.

    In general, the branding guidelines also help WordPress users. If you spot a fauxgo on a website (or someone who writes WordPress), or a crazily colored logo, then you can bet that it’s a good idea to steer clear.

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