WordPress Plugin Repository Removes Sidebar Links to Plugin Homepages

A few recent changes to the WordPress plugin repository are worth noting. One new feature is that when a user clicks the “broken” link on a plugin, his vote will be recorded and he will be redirected to start a new topic in the support forum regarding this plugin. This is intended to help plugin developers gain a more detailed explanation of why the user has marked it as broken.

Many users are not aware that each plugin has its own dedicated support area on the WordPress.org forums. However, if you have written a plugin that has external forums or more documentation on another website, you will need to update your plugin to link to its homepage in the main content area.

According to recent news in the WordPress development blog, the plugin pages will no longer link to the developer’s website or plugin homepage. Plugin authors will have to add these links to the main content of the plugin’s page on the repository, as any reference in the sidebar to an external plugin page has determined to be redundant. This is a somewhat controversial change, as many users have relied on these clearly posted links in order to gain more information about a plugin before installing it. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments.