WordPress SEO Now Includes a Multisite Network Admin Menu and Capabilities

Yoast has just committed version 0.2 of his WordPress SEO plugin, fixing quite a number of bugs, improving existing features, and adding in some exciting new features for Multisite networks, including a Network Admin (WP 3.1+) menu and capabilities.

New WordPress SEO 0.2 Feature:

  • Added option to export taxonomy metadata (PHP 5.2+ only for now).
  • Meta keywords are now an option… I don’t like them but there’s sufficient demand apparently. Works for homepage, post types, author pages and taxonomies.
  • Added an option to disable the advanced part of the edit post / page metabox.
  • Added option to disable date display in snippet preview for posts.
  • Multisite Network Admin page added, with three features:
    • The option to make WordPress SEO only accessible to Super admins instead of site admins.
    • The option to set a “default” site, from which new sites will henceforth acquire their settings on creation.
    • The option to revert a site to the “default” site’s settings.

WordPress SEO is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular SEO plugins with over 22,000 downloads in the past two months. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest, so make sure you’re subscribed to our blog.