Dear WordPress Theme – Stop Eating My YouTube Embed Code!

Tell me I’m not alone… you’ve been here, right?

You’ve spent hours pulling your hair out in an endless loop of breaking and fixing your theme trying to get it to stop eating your YouTube embed code. No matter what you try, the post refuses to show the video, or it shows the frame, but gets stuck on “loading” or (and this is the one that really gets me!) it works perfectly, but when you go back in and re-save the post – the code disappears.

I don’t know about you – but I start hearing, “Hulk, smash!!” in my head.

Thankfully, I found an incredibly simple answer: the IFRAME Embed For YouTube plugin.

This nifty, light little plugin has minimal settings and only one requirement – a link. So, it’s great for anyone that posts a lot of video and it’s a true lifesaver when you have a site that you’re turning over to a client.

Simple Settings

Here’s a look at the settings page:

That’s it… just set the size of the video. (I suggest using YouTube’s style guide to choose a standard size.)

Simple Application

The WordPress YouTube plugin adds an icon to your editing toolbar:

Place your cursor where you want the video to appear, click the icon and you’ll get a box like this where you can paste in the URL of the video you want to embed.

That’s it – the video appears and, on every theme I’ve used, the code sticks with the post no matter how many times you go back in and edit and update the post.

Limitations – Of Course

So, of course there’s a catch.

Since you’re only grabbing the URL of the video – and not the full embed code – you lose the custom options that you may have been grabbing from the embed section. You can’t manage whether or not suggested videos show or enable advanced security options.

For me, it’s been worth it to give up those check boxes!

On my own sites, adding a video is now sometimes easier than adding an image – plus, as we know, Google likes video – and who couldn’t use more traffic from Google?

On the sites that I develop and hand over to clients… this plugin is a must. Even if the theme that I implement doesn’t eat YouTube code, “coding” freaks out most of them. Copying the embed code from YouTube and pasting it into the HTML tab of a post is waaaaay too much to ask. But, they completely understand how to copy and paste the link.

Photo: Teeth Wind Up Toys from Pixmac.