Did you know… BuddyDress themes have built in options?

With the new design at BuddyDress each day for 10 days we’re featuring something you may not know about BuddyDress.

Number 9: BuddyDress themes have built in options

Whilst each theme has different options we always make sure the themes at BuddyDress go beyond the basic theme.

Here is a selection of things you can do without touching a line of code (varies depending on theme):

  • Use the Google Font Directory
  • Change colors of layout and text
  • Set up featured categories
  • Set up slide shows
  • Change branding – add a logo or image
  • Custom headers
  • Custom adverts
  • Social site interaction (Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Simple SEO (BuddyDress’ own SEO)
  • …. and so much more

BuddyDress themes pack a lot into each theme and each theme has it’s own special features.

Check out the BuddyDress themes right here.