Did you know that you can make all referrals from your site to WPMU DEV affiliate links… without a single affiliate link?

And, perhaps more importantly, did you know that you can do the same using the WordPress Affiliate Plugin :)

So, here’s how it works, at WPMU DEV any current member can become an affiliate and make 33% on all sales they push out, which is great right!

And you can do this in two ways:

a. You can display badges or basic links back to WPMU DEV from any site you like using your special affiliate link, for example, https://premium.wpmudev.org?ref=James-93 and:

or b. You can simply set all referrals from your site to count as affiliate clicks!!!

How cool is that!

No more funny business to add to the end of links, no more potential penalization from Google for affiliate links as opposed to real ones, and  no need for you to change your regular posting / blogging habits or expose yourself to your readers about what a dodgy affiliate you are :)

Of course, this is wide open to exploitation – for example, you could put your url in as ‘wpmu.org’ and you’d get signups a plenty, or google.com or whatever you like… but we’re not daft, and of course we vet all of our affiliate payments ad infinitum, so you’ll basically just get caught out.

And that’s exactly how you can use this great affiliate plugin yourself.