Display BuddyPress Content Anywhere with This Simple ShortCode Plugin

Want more control over how to display the content on your BuddyPress site?

Now you can show BuddyPress content anywhere on your site using simple shortcodes. Bowe Codes is a free plugin that allows BuddyPress users to display BuddyPress content wherever they can copy and paste a shortCode.

Bowe Codes currently has ten available ShortCodes :

  • Member / Members
  • Group / Groups
  • My Friends / My Groups
  • My Messages
  • Multisite Blogs / Multisite Posts

As you can see, Bowe Codes comes with enough built in flexibility to allow you to display single users (great if you want to feature one of your users each month), single groups or blogs within your multisite network.

This is the perfect solution for making it simple for your users to find all the content on your BuddyPress site without having to spend time reconstructing your navigation menus. Just choose the content you want to display, choose the exact page you want to display it on, copy and paste the related ShortCode into that page and the content displays exactly you wish.

Try it out.

Bowe Codes

-Seth C