Does the BuddyPress Community Care About User Privacy?

Does the BuddyPress Community Care About User Privacy?

Yesterday Jeff Sayre, the developer of the BuddyPress Privacy Component, announced on Twitter that he has deleted the BuddyPress Privacy website and all of its content, due to lack of interest in the project.

Here’s the announcement:

Just to be clear, the BuddyPress Privacy Component is still available for download on the WordPress repository. Though it may have some bugs, it works for the basic purpose for which it was intended. Many long hours went into the creation of this software.

We’ve been following the progress of the plugin over the past several months, and you can take a closer look at its history and present condition here: A Look at the Present and Future of the BuddyPress Privacy Component

I asked Jeff if any of the core BuddyPress team has expressed interest in the privacy component and he replied that he has not received any feedback from them and doesn’t know if they’ve even looked at it yet. So the question remains – is the BuddyPress team writing its own privacy component? Or would they possibly consider using Jeff’s work as a starting point?

An Orphaned Plugin: Who Will Adopt BuddyPress Privacy?

This plugin is a major resource to the BuddyPress community and it represents 1500 hours of work. BuddyPress Privacy needs someone to step up to the plate and adopt the project so that it can be refactored to continue to be compatible with the latest release. This is definitely a time-sensitive passing of the torch, and I certainly hope someone in the community will be able to keep this project going. Jeff Sayre commented:

The community has been crying for 18 months for a Privacy Component. It now has one. It is now up to the BuddyPress community, and its core developers, to decide how important Privacy is to the platform. If someone or some team does not soon adopt BP Privacy and continue its development, then the community will be back at square one.

The BuddyPress roadmap lists tentative plans for “basic profile privacy – hide from public / only friends” as a possible feature for 1.3, but who knows how far away a 1.3 release will be. Privacy controls are on the roadmap for 1.4+ but that’s quite a long time to wait for the hundreds of BuddyPress communities currently operating with no privacy options. It seems that privacy might not be a very strong priority.

What are your thoughts? Can your BuddyPress site live without any privacy options for possibly another year or longer? Are you able to use the BuddyPress privacy component in the meantime?