Download Our WordPress PopUp Plugin For Free

Download Our WordPress PopUp Plugin For Free

We recently made our fancy WordPress PopUp plugin available for free in the WordPress plugin repository. The PopUp plugin is a highly effective tool for getting visitors connected to your mailing list or simply showing ads.

Since Popup Pro was launched we’ve added sooo much new stuff. Head over to the project page to check out all the new features! Check out Popup Pro

We are big fans of this plugin and have used it on to offer popover ads for WPMU DEV. Visitors who come to WPMU DEV via the popover ads view double the number of pages and stay doubly as long as visitors that come via Adwords.

This plugin has quite a bit of built-in flexibility to it so that you can use it exactly where you want it, instead of being forced to display the popup in one way across the board.

Features for flexible implementation:

  • Activate the plugin across your multisite network by dropping it in the /mu-plugins/ folder -or-
  • Allow control for individual sites on your network by placing the plugin in the /plugins/ directory
  • Options for showing the popover based on if the visitor is not logged in, visitor has never commented before, visitor did not come from an internal page, visitor has seen the pop over less than X times.
  • Includes a link allowing users to click it and never see the popover again

The best part is that this plugin is ridiculously easy to use. Simply paste in your ad code. It can be Javascript, text, an image, or any combination. You don’t need to be a developer to have this working on your website in a matter of a couple minutes.

Without having to touch a line of code you’ll be able to select the popup’s size, borders, background color, position and even font color.

I hope you’re already beginning to imagine all of the possibilities. Read Siobhan’s tutorial to find out how to use the popover plugin to promote your mailing list and grab new members. Get your copy of the WordPress PopUp plugin for free from the repository and start experimenting with new ways to reach your potential customers.