Dump Photos Directly From Your iPhone to Your WordPress Site

Dump Photos Directly From Your iPhone to Your WordPress Site

iPhone camera technology has been getting better and better in recent years. Currently, the top specs on the latest iPhones boast 5 megapixels, a 5x digital zoom led flash capability and even new processing features like high dynamic range mode for capturing more vivid images on the go. But what good is all of that new spiffy technology if it takes downloading, processing and re-uploading to get your awesome photos from your iPhone to your WordPress blog or site?

Enter i-Dump, a time saving solution that just might revolutionize your website. Install the i-Dump iPhone Photo Uploader plugin on your WordPress site, download the app to your iPhone and start shooting direct from the trail to your blog or WordPress site, where they will patiently wait for you to decide just how you want to use them.

From your dashboard, you’ll be able to drop them into galleries, insert them into posts or pages or even turn your WordPress site into a social photolog community. You don’t need an iPhone to use iDump on your WordPress site (as long as you don’t personally need to upload images. There is currently no android app from i-Dump). You can still receive content from anyone with an iPhone who has a username, password, and the folder’s location on your WordPress site. There is even an i-Dump sidebar widget for uploading images directly to a sidebar gallery on your site.

Best of all, the WP-Dump iPhone app is very affordable, at just $0.99 for lifetime usage.

Ways to Use the i-Dump iPhone Photo Uploader:

  • Auto Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Photo Blogs
  • Instant Restaurant and Nightlife reviews
  • Photojournaling
  • News Sites
  • Boutique Retail

Here’s what an example gallery looks like on your site:

Check it out and see how you can make your website more lively, more colorful and more current with i-Dump for iPhone and WordPress.