Easily Add “Like” Boxes to Promote Your WordPress Site on Facebook

Easily Add “Like” Boxes to Promote Your WordPress Site on Facebook

In many ways, getting Facebook “likes” for your site or business is much like getting users to sign up for a newsletter. It’s more effective than an email newsletter, as the percentage of users that open newsletters can be very low. Getting users to sign up for more email is like pulling teeth these days.

The new phenomenon of Facebook “liking” is more casual and inviting to many of your visitors. Clicking “like” says something about the user’s desire to be affiliated with you and your website in some way. This is a great way to market your business. Visitors who like your page will receive all of your updates on Facebook to their streams thereafter. As long as you keep it useful and informative, you’re likely to keep them in your circle.

Like Facebook? Don’t like writing newsletters?

You’re in luck. Status updates on Facebook are a new way of sending mini-newsletters to your site’s fans. You can even synchronize your Twitter or your RSS feeds with your Facebook fan page so that you don’t have to be constantly updating all of your networks.

Add a Facebook Like Box on Any WP Page, Post, or Sidebar

The new Facebook Members plugin makes it easy to start promoting your WordPress site on Facebook. You can quickly insert a Facebook “like” box into any WordPress post or page:

The Facebook Members plugin also includes a handy widget that you can drag and drop into your sidebar. It is easily resized through the settings page and you can change the number of fans you want to display.

Facebook Members Plugin Features:

  • Uses Official Facebook APIs.
  • Facebook Like Box Plugin Integration.
  • Show Like Box on any Page or Post.
  • Show Like Box in Sidebar/Widget Area.
  • Option to specify Width, Height, Number of Connections, Stream, Heading for both Sidebar and Post/Page widget.

As much as you may or may not like Facebook, its power to drive traffic is clear. “Like” boxes are a marketing must-have for any business social networking strategy. Grab the new Facebook Members plugin and start promoting your site on the largest social network on the web.