Easily Embed Tweets in WordPress With New Twitter Blackbird Pie Plugin

Easily Embed Tweets in WordPress With New Twitter Blackbird Pie Plugin

Have you noticed how fast information travels these days because of Twitter and how quickly groups are able to form communities for common purposes? News breaks on Twitter oftentimes before it reaches traditional news sources. Twitter is no longer just for letting people know what you’re having for lunch. People are using it to network, collaborate, get jobs, find friends, make deals, and report current events. Important conversations are happening on Twitter and you need a way to bring that information as a reference into WordPress.

Enter the new Twitter Blackbird Pie Plugin. It allows you to easily embed a tweet in WordPress posts or pages. Prior to the Blackbird Pie Service, a utility for for “baking tweets” into little embeddable slices, the only way to reference a tweet was to provide a screenshot or link to the tweet’s URL. This was somewhat two dimensional. Though Blackbird Pie is extremely useful, it’s still slightly inconvenient, given that you have to visit another website to get the embed code.

If you’re an avid Twitter user and WordPress blogger, then you need this plugin if you want to reference tweets in the most up-to-date method possible. There are many pieces of information in a tweet that will provide context for the information. When @mentions, hashtags, and the user’s account are linked, your embedded tweet provides an overall better user experience. Checkout the screenshot below:

That tweet above isn’t clickable, as it’s just a screenshot, but when you have this plugin running on your blog, all the data within the tweet is clickable back to its URL and the Twitter user. Install, activate, and then bake your tweets using the shortcode, like so:

{code type=html}
[blackbirdpie url=”http://twitter.com/pollyplummer/status/13583229493″]

Benefits of Embedding Tweets:

  • Provides context for the information you’re sharing
  • Allows for a more visual representation of conversations that happen on Twitter
  • Visually source your references
  • No need to hassle with forever long embed codes
  • Adds journalistic legitimacy to the micro-blogosphere; if you’ve got two or three sources, then you’ve got a story!

Grab this new plugin and save yourself time when baking tweets in your blog!