Theme Available to Download

Update January 21, 2016: This post is part of the WPMU DEV Blog archive and contains information that is out-of-date, but we’re keeping it on the blog for posterity. For all the latest WordPress news and resources, check out our latest posts.

We’ve heard that quite a lot of people liked the Edublogs homepage theme (and why not, it took a heck of a while to build!) so we decided to make it available to download.

A couple of years ago we actually released an (much) older version of the theme on the free site – but were then inundated by issues with it being used for splog sites (hence putting it on Premium this time).

Here’s what it looks like. You you can download it from here:

We’d ask that you don’t just change the logo and use it like that… but feel free to hack the heck out of it, lift the good bits and generally enjoy it for all you are worth.

Some cute code bits include the login form, full support and integration for our MU avatars plugin, some really cute css / design stuff, the on page RSS tabber (controlled by the theme options) and we’ll be releasing shortly plugins to allow you to manage a list of recently updated blogs (with avatars) just like our “Supporters” section and also, possibly, some of our global tagging stuff (although Donncha’s MU tags should work just as well!)

More cool CMS / Frontpage themes will be coming to WPMU DEV Premium soon, too.