Enabling plugin access site wide and activating and deactivating regular plugins

Taken from: The WordPress MU Manual

WPMU default setting for plugins is disabled. If you want users to be able to access regular plugins you first need to enable them site wide.

1. Click on Options (Site Admin > Options)
2. Select Enabled for Plugins
3. Click Update Options

Image of site option plugins

Activating and deactivating regular plugins sitewide

There are two options for regular plugins:

1. Activate Plugin Site Wide –activates the plugin site wide i.e. plugin s automatically enabled on all blogs on the site and users can’t deactivate it

Image of activating plugins sitewide

2. Activate Plugin Per Blog Basis – allows users to decide which plugins they want to use on their blog i.e. users can choose which plugins they want to activate/deactivate

Image of users activating plugins