Enhance bbPress Group Forums With a New Suite of BuddyPress Plugins

Enhance bbPress Group Forums With a New Suite of BuddyPress Plugins

Did you think that bbPress had gone the way of the buffalo? No, it hasn’t. Though it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen much development on the bbPress front, the platform lives on within BuddyPress. Rich Fuller has created a suite of plugins that will compliment your group forums on BuddyPress. Check out the new BuddyPress Group Forum Extras at the WordPress repository. This set currently contains three plugins that will enhance the bbPress forum experience:

  • Signatures
  • BBCode Lite (or option for Shortcode)
  • AJAXed Quote

For the time being, the signatures plugin html is limited to: {code type=html}, , and
Signatures are a great addition to any forum. Users love the opportunity to customize their profiles and distinguish themselves in some way or another in the forums. The signature can also be added to the user’s general profile:

In the future, the plugin developer is considering adding the following functionality:

  • Report Post to Mod (use notification system to group mods)
  • Support Forums (run nongroup forums)
  • Best Answer or bb-reputation (Karma)
  • Signatures administration to include a admin defined set of html tag or bbcode

If you’re interested to add some input to the developer’s list of considerations, please contact him at the plugin’s home page or check out the thread dedicated to this plugin at the BuddyPress forums.