Creating an Etsy-Style Network With WordPress Multisite

Creating an Etsy-Style Network With WordPress Multisite

Calling all Multisite gurus. Today’s installment of the WordPress Q & A Sessions should be right up your alley.

A reader named Brian has submitted the following question to us:

I want to use WordPress Multisite toCreate an Etsy-style site with WordPress Multisite create something similar to Etsy and Artfire. How would I completely hide all WordPress admin options in the dashboard (for subdomain sites), and create a custom admin page that limits each store owner to just a few basic storefront customization options?

Thank you!


This is a question that we’ve heard from several multisite users over at the WPMU DEV forums. Have you attempted something like this yourself?

If you can throw any suggestions Brian’s way, with regards to modifying the dashboard in Multisite, he would sure love to hear them. Please add a comment after this article and let us know what you think.

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