Exciting new additions to the ‘Supporter’ framework

Exciting new additions to the ‘Supporter’ framework

The other day we released an updated version of our Supporter framework and it’s got some stuff we think you’ll like :)

Now, in addition to being able to offer premium themes, and remove ads on supporter blogs, you can also limit the use of XML-RPC / Atom publishing protocol to Supporters or blogs that supporters choose to turn it on for.

And we fixed some BuddyPress bugs too – so now it works even more seamlessly with BP.

So, now as well as offering your users the ability to turn on premium themes for their own blog (something Tumblr have just started doing but WordPress.com seem completely averse to) you can also allow them to use mobile blogging platforms too!

And, if you wish, you can allow them to turn off ads and turn on premium themes and mobile blogging on up to 100 other blogs (works reat for student blogs on Edublogs)

Here’s the announcement post if you’d like to ask any questions.

And here’s the Supporter plugin itself… which is getting more and more powerful with every release.