Fancy being a ‘mystery customer’ at WPMU DEV?

Fancy being a ‘mystery customer’ at WPMU DEV?

Just a quickie today… but I was out shopping the other day and thinking about how some of these chains employ ‘mystery customers’ to visit their stores and feedback on their experience.

And I thought… wouldn’t it be cool to have a few WPMU DEV mystery customers – who can visit the site, sign up, experience the new customer process, use the plugins and themes, get support and let us know how we can improve!

So… would you like to be a mystery customer?

In return we’ll completely refund your membership fees once you submit your review (which we’ll outline in an email).

Just a few conditions:

  • You need to have never been a WPMU DEV customer before (sorry about that guys)
  • You need to be prepared to test out a good bunch of plugins and themes
  • And get support from our forums, live chat and documentation
  • And then let us know your feedback (min couple of pages) and be happy to do a bit of Q&A

Fancy it?

If so, just email james [at] incsub /dot/ com and I’ll sort you out with some more detail.