Farms 133 WordPress Theme Pack Updated – custom menus and more…

Man, it seems like a long time ago since the first Farms theme pack.

Maybe that’s because it was – here’s the first ever release, 25 *widgetized* (wow!) themes back in December 2006.

Well, now, there’s another release and we’re particularly pleased with this one as it contains 133 themes, all of which have:

  • Custom menus (in every theme!)
  • Post thumbnails
  • Special SEO Options
  • Custom headers in ever theme it’s possible in
  • Widgets, widgets everywhere (naturally:)
  • And plenty, plenty more!

And, of course it’s completely free so go download it here.

And even better, you know it’s been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of users on Edublogs – so you don’t have to stress over bugs or issues!