FaultPress: A Brand New Bug Tracking Theme Hits the Market

Love to track bugs? Many of you will have seen me drool over the Quality Control Ticketing Theme. Well, now there’s a new bug tracking system which is like Quality Control with bells and whistles and shiny shiny sparkles. FaultPress (demo) was developed by Mike Jolley and James Koster in collaboration with theme-shop behemoth, Woo Themes.

FaultPress is a bug tracking system with HTML5/CSS3 markup, mobile support and Multisite support. To learn a bit more I did a quick interview with Mike Jolley about his new release.

1. Sell FaultPress to our readers in under 50 words.

FaultPress is a revolutionary WordPress theme which transforms a WordPress install into a fully-fledged bug tracking/ticketing application. As well as all the features you’d expect in a bug tracker, FaultPress also delivers mobile optimisation and state of the art lightweight html5 / css3 code.

2. Where did you get the idea for FaultPress?

We’ve worked on several projects now where we’ve needed a bug tracker to keep on top of issues and to fix them efficiently, especially when working as part of a team. In the past we’ve dabbled with bug trackers such as lighthouse, which are great, but lack customizability and of course lock you down into their system – that’s why we decided to make our own.

We had also been experimenting with mobile support/responsive design and thought that this would be a great thing to have for a bug tracker – being able to keep on top of issues on the go is a big bonus.

Rather than build something from the ground up we built upon something we know and love; WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic platform for development and is familiar to many.

3. What makes it different from other Bug Tracking systems? (i.e. Quality Control )

We found quality control mid-build but persisted with our own anyway undeterred. FaultPress’ main advantages are the mobile support, the html5/css3 code (making it incredibly lightweight) and of course being built upon the solid Woo Framework which I’m sure many users will appreciate.

Of course there are also a bunch of extra features in FaultPress such as multi-site support, messages, privacy options, member profiles and a useful homepage displaying latest activity and a statistical overview of your project.

4. Is this your first collaboration with WooThemes? Did you enjoy working with them?

This is actually our second. Our first was Magento themes, but this application theme collaboration is certainly more exciting so expect more soon. The Woo team are a great bunch, very helpful, and good to talk to.

One thing though, readers. At the minute FaultPress costs $200 while Woo Membership costs $125 (which includes FaultPress). I asked Mike about this and he said that the pricing structure would be lowered next week to make the single license more attractive. Hold on to your purse strings until then!