Calling All WordPress Enthusiasts – What is Your Favorite Website?

Calling All WordPress Enthusiasts - What is Your Favorite Website?Back in February we published the 1st edition of the WPMU 100 – a list of the top WordPress related blogs on the internet.

At the time there were several suggestions made regarding potentially worthy sites that had not been included in the list. The inclusion criteria was simple – any site that focused the majority of its content on WordPress was a candidate. This time around, I want to make sure that every worthy site is up for consideration.

Coming Soon…

That’s right folks – the 2nd edition of the WPMU 100 is just around the corner – it will be published a week today. It will feature many new sites, a few dropouts, an updated ranking algorithm, and more.

But as always, we need your assistance to make it as good as it can be! If possible, we want to know about every single potential candidate out there on the internet. We want to leave no stone unturned in producing the most complete list – a list that will become a highly useful resource for all WordPress users.

So please don’t be shy – if you have a suggestion for the WPMU 100, please make it here! You can search the original WPMU 100 list to check whether or not the site will already be up for consideration. Obviously we already know that WPMU is your favorite site, so you don’t need to suggest us ;-)

Thank you for your help!

Creative Commons image courtesy of JD Hancock