Featured BuddyPress Plugin: BuddyPress Album +

Featured BuddyPress Plugin: BuddyPress Album +

The ability to upload your own photos is probably one of my favorite features of Facebook. I know people (like my mum!) who only sign up to Facebook so they can look at photographs. The BuddyPress Album + plugin lets you add the same functionality to your BuddyPress website. In just six months there are 15,000 BuddyPress sites using this plugin, allowing thousands of users to upload and share their images with one another.

screenshot of BuddyPress Album + uploader


  • Multiple versions available
  • supports multiple content types as well as embedded video from Vimeo & Youtube
  • Member albums
  • Group Albums
  • Member Tags
  • Keyword tags
  • Member Comments
  • “Like” feature
  • EXIF Data
  • Geo-data
  • Creative Commons Licensing
  • Activity Stream
  • Image Cache
  • Featured Content
  • User Notifications
  • Interoperability

Our Mini Review

This is another way to extend your BuddyPress site give your users the features that they’ve become used to elsewhere. People do want to add images and if they can’t you may find them simply jumping ship to Facebook. Having played around with this plugin I’ve found it intuitive, easy to use, and I’m excited to see what the developers do next.