Featured WordPress Plugin: Admin Menu Page Tree View

Featured WordPress Plugin: Admin Menu Page Tree View

screenshot of admin page treeAdmin Menu Page Tree View makes it easier to access your pages. It adds a page tree view to your Pages admin menu, letting you easily access your pages. If you’ve got a page heavy site then it’s a great time-saving plugin that will save you having to do that annoying journey through pages>edit. It gets tiring after a while.


  • Easily access all of your pages in one click
  • Use the search bar to search through your pages.

Our Mini Review

I hate having to go through my edit pages section to edit my pages. It’s a little bugbear of mine. If you have a post heavy site you might not care, but anyone with loads and loads of pages will know how annoying it is. This plugin is a great work-around that lets you access your pages in one click. My only problem with it? It doesn’t work with Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu :( I guess not all plugins work together, but it would be so lovely to see your pages appear on the dropdown navigation as a fly-out submenu. Will add that to my Christmas list!