Featured WordPress Plugin: CustomPress

Featured WordPress Plugin: CustomPress

This year saw a plethora of CMS plugins leaping onto the scene, plugins that take advantage of WordPress 3.0’s great features. My favorite of these has got to be our own WPMU DEV’s CustomPress which was released late this year. CustomPress really is the best plugin to transform your WordPress website into a fully fledged CMS. It uses WordPress’ custom post types and taxonomies and gives you all of the flexibility that you’d expect from a WordPress Premium Plugin.


  • Easily Create Custom Post Types
  • Choose which features are supported by each of your Custom Post Types
  • Create and assign custom taxonomies
  • Customize all of your labels
  • Use custom menu icons
  • Use text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, multi-line text boxes, dropdown boxes, or multiselection boxes for your custom post types
  • Use the auto generated taxonomy and custom field embed code to place it inside your WordPress loop to display them within your theme
  • Easily create a theme file for your custom post types

Screenshot of CustomPress

Our Mini Review

If you’re looking for a truly useful CMS plugin for WordPress then you can do no better than CustomPress. There are quite a few plugins out there that let you create custom post types but none offer the additional flexibility of CustomPress. These features are essential if you’re a business using WordPress as a CMS to its full potential.