Featured WordPress Plugin: PhotoQ Photoblog

Featured WordPress Plugin: PhotoQ Photoblog

PhotoQ Photoblog is a plugin for transforming your blog into a photoblog. It was designed to automate and simplify your image posting as much as possible. It includes features like batch uploading, and you can simply add information to a photograph and PhotoQ Photoblog will create the post for you. It should work with pretty much any theme (although do drop us a comment if it doesn’t work with yours :) ).


  • Queue-based photo management
  • Batch uploading
  • Fully automated posting
  • Compatible with virtually any theme; Auto-configuration for popular photo themes
  • Compatible with WordPress Networks
  • Advanced EXIF support, automatic post tag creation from EXIF data
  • Photo Watermarking
  • Custom metadata
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • Easy updating
  • Automatic posting through cronjobs
  • Integration with Lightbox, Shutter Reloaded and other libraries/plugins
  • Language support

Screenshot of PhotoQ plugin

Our Mini Review

PhotoQ Photoblog is a great way to transform your WordPress website into a photoblog while keeping the styles of your own theme. There are loads of beautiful photoblog themes out there but sometimes you just want to keep your own layout and styling. PhotoQ lets you do that. There are extensive options so you can set up the plugin however you wish, and the developer has provided loads of documentation on his website.