Featured WordPress Plugin: Role Scoper

Featured WordPress Plugin: Role Scoper

Role Scoper is an access control plugin which allows you to massively extend WordPress’ user roles capabilities. You can set content specific view and edit permissions, which override WordPress’ built in roles. You can restrict access to different pieces of content regardless of users’ WordPress roles. Although the plugin is extremely flexible and allows bulk registration of users, it runs through a simple interface.


  • Grant additional Read or Edit access for specific Pages, Posts or Categories
  • Define User Groups – assign more than one Role Scoper role
  • Assign roles for specific time periods
  • Inheritance of Restrictions and Roles to sub-categories / sub-pages
  • Un-editable posts are excluded from Edit Posts/Pages list
  • Optimized to limit additional database queries
  • XML-RPC support
  • WordPress Multisite support!
  • Support for custom Post Types and Taxonomies
  • Integrates with the Revisionary plugin to enable moderation of published content
  • RSS Feed Filter with HTTP authentication option
  • Customizable Hidden Content Teaser with ability to hide posts & pages completely
  • Specify elements in Edit Form to hide from non-Editors
  • Control over categories and sub-pages
  • Elevate Subscribers to edit content (ensures safe failure mode)

Our Mini Review

This is an essential plugin for anyone running a big website with lots of contributors and potential contributors. While the WordPress user roles are fine for a site with only a few users, websites belonging to big companies, educational institutions, and large charities will need the flexiblity that comes with a proper CMS. Role scoper gives that to you. Not only that but it’s well supported and has integration with other plugins such as the Revisionary plugin and Next GEN Gallery.