Featured WordPress Plugin: Title to Tags

Featured WordPress Plugin: Title to Tags

screenshot of title to tags pluginEver forget to add tags to a post? I know I do all of the time. Sometime when you’ve spent lots of time on a post adding the tags just slips your mind. The Title to Tags plugin converts keywords from your post title into tags. You can edit the list of words that you want the plugin to ignore, allowing you a good degree of flexibility.


  • Convert keywords from post title to tags
  • Edit ignore list
  • Converts on save, not on publish
  • Reset at any time
  • Does not convert if tags are already assigned

Our Mini Review

This is one of those plugins that can really help you out when you have forgotten to do something – and we all forget to do things from time to time! Think of this plugin as one of those safety nets to back up your process. It’s simple to use and to set up – I like that you can easily create a list of words to be ignored.