Featured WordPress Plugin: White Label CMS

Update: Alas, too many complaints about this plugin so we had to remove links to it, check out these great alternatives

This week I’m going to look at some CMS plugins and themes that will help to get your WordPress website off the ground as a proper CMS.

Today we’ll look at a plugin which lets you customize your dashboard and logos, menus, and other features. It lets designers customize their clients’ websites to be more personalized.

Screenshot of Whitelabel CMS WordPress PluginFeatures

  • Hide admin panels
  • Add new admin panels
  • Customize logos
  • Modify Menus

Our Mini Review

This is a great plugin that allows you to really customize your WordPress admin panel. There are clients who might be a bit confused by having the WordPress branding and news everywhere , and this excellent plugin lets you transform WordPress into a client-branded CMS. It’s very simple to use and set up and will make your clients very happy.