Featured WordPress Plugin: WordPress Admin Bar

Featured WordPress Plugin: WordPress Admin Bar

Yesterday we looked at a drop down admin bar, today we’ll look at an admin bar for your front end. Ever been jealous of the front end admin dropdown bar on WordPress.com? Even a teeny weeny bit jealous? No need for all that jealousy – you can have one too! And how handy it is. WordPress Admin Bar from Viper007Bond gives you a front end admin bar so that you can easily access your administrative areas from the front end of your site.

Here’s the left hand side:

screenshot of admin dropdown menu leftAnd the right:

screenshot of admin dropdown menu right


  • Front-end admin bar for logged in users
  • Links to popular parts of the admin areas
  • Theme API available to add to custom themes

Our Mini Review

I have been using WordPress.com recently (after years of wordpress.org only!) and pretty jealous of some of the great features that they have – especially the front end admin bar. But the green eyed monster has been banished with this great plugin. It’s great to be able to access the admin areas from the front end. When you’re working on a lot of websites it saves you a lot of time. It’s getting installed on all of my sites in the future!