Featured WordPress Plugin: WP-Portfolio

Featured WordPress Plugin: WP-Portfolio

WP Portfolio is a free WordPress Plugin created by WPDoctors that lets web designers show off their websites with a professional looking portfolio that shows off thumbnails of the website. It uses the Shrink the Web thumbnail service which takes a screenshot of a website, turns it into a thumbnail and automatically posts it on to your website. How cool is that?!


  • Integration with Shrink the Web
  • Create groups of websites
  • Add descriptions
  • Easily customize CSS and HTML

Our Mini Review

I think I might be a tiny bit in love with this plugin. I’m already thinking about how I can integrate it into my next WordPress build. Normally I just add a link and make myself a little thumbnail but this does all of it for me, and keeps them organized! It’s easy to use, worked first time and makes me a very happy girl.