Featured WordPress Plugin: WP-Resume

Featured WordPress Plugin: WP-Resume

This week we’ll take a look at different plugins and themes that will help you to create a fantastic professional portfolio website. There are all sorts of people who create their own portfolio websites – freelancers, writers, academics and consultants are all examples of people who might want to create a personal portfolio. Today we’ll start off with something that’s essential for any portfolio – a resume.

WP-Resume is a free WordPress plugin that uses custom post types to make it easy and intuitive for you to create a resume right in your website. Here it is in action:

screenshot of WP-Resume Plugin Resume


  • Supports different sections – e.g. education, experience, organizations, achievements and details
  • Follows best practices in resume layout and design
  • Uses custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Easy revisioning
  • Integrates with your theme

Our Mini Review

I hate updating my resume. It’s such a boring task – especially since it always seems to end up being on a computer that broke months ago. The WP-Resume plugin lets you build your resume into your website. This is a great way to demonstrate both your innovative use of your portfolio website, along with all of those skills that you’ve got. The only downside is that it does take longer to put together than a standard resume as you have to add so many different posts – and I do hate updating my resume. Did I mention that already?