Featured WordPress Theme: 2010 Weaver

So you like the Twenty Ten WordPress theme but it’s just not customizable enough for you. Maybe you’re a WordPress user who isn’t that experienced and just wants to be able to do everything out of the box. Or maybe you are setting up a multisite and you want all of the blogs on your network to have a theme that can be customized while retaining similar elements across the network. The 2010 Weaver Theme is a highly customizable version of the default Twenty Ten theme. Each site on the network can set up the theme to have its own distinct look and feel.


  • Easily Customize Your Theme with “checkbox” Interface
  • Comes with prebuilt theme or you can design your own
  • Pick your own colors for titles, content, backgrounds, menu bar, and more
  • Pick your own fonts for titles and content
  • Customize your header image
  • 7 different sidebar arrangements
  • Change site and sidebar widths
  • Support for two custom menu bars
  • Additional Top and Bottom widget areas
  • Add background colors, borders, and rounded corners to content and widget areas
  • Add Fade Effect to Site background
  • Add a shadow to site edges
  • Customize footer
  • Custom bullets for lists
  • Hide Blog title and description in header
  • Hide menu
  • Add custom code to section
  • Export/Import your themes to your own computer for safekeeping and sharing
  • Extend TTW easily if you know PHP

Our Mini Review

What a lot of possibilities! This is a fantastic theme for people who are just learning how to customize a theme. There are so many options that every site that uses 2010 Weaver will look that little bit different. As I’m just about to set up a multi-site installation to run a blog network I can already see the possibilities of using 2010 Weaver. It makes me smile just thinking about it :)

Rating: ★★★★½