Featured WordPress Theme: BoxPulse

Featured WordPress Theme: BoxPulse

BoxPulse is a WordPress Child Theme from Develop Daily for the Hybrid Parent Theme. As well as having all of the features of Hybrid, it’s got a front page slider to show off all of your great blog posts as soon as your visitors land. It includes a Slider Template which turns your page into a full width slider that scrolls through your recent posts. It will show off a post excerpt and associated image.


  • All the great Hybrid features
  • Front Page Slider

Our Mini Review

It’s nice to see a Hybrid Child Theme implementing a lovely slider to show off your blog posts on your homepage. However, I didn’t find the theme that easy to set up :( Which is a shame, because it looks really good. The issue I had was with the Get The Image plugin that’s needed for the theme to work properly not working. I could get the text to show on the slider, but not the images. If there had been bettter documentation I don’t think it would be a problem. If you can get it to work, let me know!