Featured WordPress Theme: Outline

Outline is a Hybrd Child Theme built by Justin Tadlock (developer of Hybrid!) It comes with all of the features oh Hybrid but is packed with even more. Outline takes advantage of WordPress 3.0’s features such as the nav menus and custom backgrounds. It’s an elegant theme that was built with blogging in mind.


  • Two Menus – Primary and Secondary Menu
  • Uses custom background feature
  • Twitter integration
  • Beautiful Typography

Our Mini Review

This is a great step forward for Hybrid – it’s great to see implementation of WordPress 3.0 features in this child theme as we’ve all become used to being able to use them to our heart’s content. It’s also nice to see a theme that is designed for blogging. Many WordPress Themes focus more on being a CMS than on blogging functionality but if you are looking for a blogging theme to use this is a great one to try.

Rating: ★★★★½