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Featured WordPress Theme: Quality Control

This week I’m going to feature my favorite Plugins and Themes of 2010. It’s been an exciting year for WordPress, with WordPress 3.0 being unleashed into the very excited WordPress community. There have been all sorts of Plugins and Themes that have flexed WordPress 3.0’s formidable muscles. Let’s start with my absolute favorite favorite favorite theme of this year: Quality Control.

Okay, so I’ve talked about Quality Control already, a few times….. but any list of articles about my favorite plugins and themes of the year has just got to include it. Quality Controls transforms your WordPress website into a ticketing system. Users can create tickets, assign statuses, milestones categories and tags. It’s a great application of WordPress 3.0’s powerful features.


  • Core functionality needed to set up a ticketing system
  • Set statuses, tags and milestones
  • Use as a framework to develop your own system

Our Mini Review

I told you a few months ago that I love this theme – and I still do! It stands at the start of some seriously exciting times for WordPress users, showing off WordPress 3.0 functionality to its full extent. And since its release there are still few themes that quite reach the standard of this one. The thing that makes it so good is that the developer had a problem and used WordPress to solve it both simply and elegantly. Best of all, he released it to the world. Thank you!

Rating: ★★★★★