Featured WordPress Theme: Snippets

Snippet is a free Thematic Child Theme published by Jean Baptiste Jung of Cats who Code and WP Recipes. Jean Baptiste uses it for his PHP Snippets website and has recently released it to the world. It’s a simple, clean, Thematic child theme that’s great for developers to show off their code.


  • All of the great features of Thematic
  • Simple theme aimed at developers

Our Mini Review

If you’re a developer publishing PHP you can probably whip up your own Thematic child theme in no time at all. But this theme from Jean Baptiste Jung is a great way to show off your code. The theme is clean, as flexible as thematic and shows of all of your lovely PHP. When the theme is installed it comes with the PHP Snippets logo and header so you’ll need to replace the images in the theme’s image folder to your own branding and info.