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Featured WordPress Theme: Spectacular

Spectacular is the latest offering from Smashing Magazine. The theme was commissioned by Smashing Magazine and designed by Maleika Esther Attawel. There are two versions of the theme – HTML 4.01 or HTML5. It also comes in English and in German, and is bundled with detailed instructions to help you to get it installed.


  • HTML 4.01/HTML 5 options
  • English & German options
  • Custom header & background
  • WordPress 3.0 menu support
  • Bundled with styled Contact Form 7

Our Mini Review

Smashing Magazine often release high quality free WordPress themes and Spectacular is no different. The colors and fonts use in this theme give it a very vintage feel-  kind’ve like a pair of faded blue jeans. It’s a fantastic design, especially for all of the vintage-junkies out there. The layout feels professional and the theme looks like it is ready to use straight out of the box. The download even comes bundled with Contact Form 7, which means that once you get it installed you’re ready to go.