Featured WordPress Theme: The Erudite

I’m a big fan of all things books and I really love some nice typography based themes and plugins. This week I’m going to take a look at some of the best ones out there starting with the lovely Erudite Theme. The theme is aimed specifically at writers and concentrates on typography over images and design.


  • 960px grid layout
  • Homepage that doesn’t look like a blog
  • Beautiful typography with carefully crafted font stacks
  • A dark theme option
  • Integration of WordPress 3.0 Nav menu
  • Dynamically created pullquotes
  • Epigraph support
  • Visual editor style
  • Dynamically show & hide the secondary content that would ordinarily reside in a sidebar
  • Fleurons dividing sections
  • A 3-column, widgetized footer
  • Google Analytics support
  • Localization ready

Our Mini Review

Although Erudite’s designer claims that content is more important than design, this is a really beautiful theme and shows how effectively you can produce a WordPress theme using typography. I love the layout on this theme, particularly the front page, and the slider for the menu at the bottom is fantastic.
Rating: ★★★★½