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Featured WordPress Theme: Thematic Feature Site

The Thematic Feature Site is part of Ian Stewart’s Thematic Development Series, set up to show you how to take advantage of Thematic’s powerful customizations. The Thematic Feature Site takes Thematic a step further, from a blog to a website. It has a featured spot on the front page that rotates around your elements. It’s easy to edit and has all of the features of Thematic.


  • All the features of Thematic
  • Feature blocks of images and text on your homepage.

Our Mini Review

This is Thematic – tweaked! If you are pretty happy with Thematic and just want it taken that little bit further then this is the theme for you. It does involve editing a bit of code in the functions.php file to make it work but there are quite detailed instructions on the theme’s homepage about how to do it.It’s a great way for the developer to show off how flexible the Thematic theme framework is.
Rating: ★★★★☆