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Featured WordPress Theme: Typominima

Typominima is a theme from Blogsessive designed with writers in mind. Although it is a simple theme it isn’t light on features, with a number of options that let you change and tweak the blog to suit your own specifications. Typominima is proud of the fact that it has no space for advertising, it’s a blog designed to let your writing speak for itself.


  • Cufon font replacement for beautiful heading fonts;
  • Custom colors for links;
  • Custom RSS feed url;
  • Discretionary display settings for the post’s metas;
  • Fields for author information: Twitter profile, Facebook profile & LinkedIn profile.

Our Mini Review

This is a beautiful typographical theme that uses the perfect balance between different fonts to create an effect that feels minimal yet elegant. If you are a writer looking for a way to show off your work then this is an ideal way to do it.  My only complaint would be that it isn’t yet available in the WordPress Theme Directory!

Rating: ★★★★½