Fed Up With NING? Find Out Who’s Using BuddyPress and How to Get Started

Fed Up With NING? Find Out Who’s Using BuddyPress and How to Get Started

Update: And here it is…. the Ning to BuddyPress migration / importer plugin you need!

Yesterday’s announcement that NING creators are phasing out free communities is really the last straw for many users. If you’re looking for social networking architecture that will offer you full ownership of your community with virtually unlimited customization options, then BuddyPress is a platform that you should strongly consider. We’re creating a NING-to-BuddyPress/WordPress migration plugin to make that process easier on anyone who wants to switch. You may be wondering what are the advantages to using BuddyPress.

Why Switch to BuddyPress?

  • Open Source – The BuddyPress platform is a suite of plugins that come packaged together, created to interface with WordPress. WordPress is an open-source content management system. You will never be charged a dime for the software.
  • BuddyPress social networking components can be turned on and off. For example, if you disable private messaging or groups, your theme will auto-adjust to remove those items from the menu without breaking your site.
  • Control your own data – you and only you will be in control of your member data, PHP files, code, etc. There are no restrictions placed on what you can access.
  • Sell and display advertising or keep your site ad free – the choice is yours!
  • Your members will never receive unsolicited emails. All communication is in your hands
  • Tailor the features and functionality to your community’s needs with 141+ BuddyPress-specific plugins and the vast WordPress plugin repository. The number of plugins is growing every day.

If you’re doing all the work to build your community and attract new members, then you should have access to all of your member data. This is possible when you host your own social network and use open source software to run it. It’s much easier than you might imagine, and we are happy to guide you through the entire process.

How to Get Started With BuddyPress

Check out our BuddyPress Manual. It is currently the most comprehensive, easy to use manual for installing and using a BuddyPress network. If you need a step-by-step walk through, complete with screenshots and easy instructions, then this is the manual for you. Our guide has been recently updated, is exceptionally user friendly, and will take you by the hand through exploring the possibilities of building your community with BuddyPress.

BuddyPress Themes:

Want a fantastic, professionally-designed BuddyPress theme that you can install easily? We recently re-launched BuddyDress.com with an impressive collection of themes to choose from.

Who’s Using BuddyPress?

There are some absolutely stunning customizations of BuddyPress out there. If you’re wondering what’s possible with BuddyPress, check out some of our posts below that showcase the possibilities of this platform:

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Where to Find BuddyPress Support?

The BuddyPress community is a friendly group and there are many people willing to help in the BuddyPress forums as well the WPMU Dev Forums. The BuddyPress Codex is an excellent resource for basic documentation and digging in deep to extend the platform. Also, you can always find us on Twitter: @wpmuorg and we’re happy to entertain your questions and direct you to helpful resources, as well as provide daily tips for using WordPress and BuddyPress. Make sure to get subscribed for all the latest!