Finally a BuddyPress Album Plugin That Works With BP 1.2!

Finally a BuddyPress Album Plugin That Works With BP 1.2!

Have you been disappointed with a lack of photo album functionality for BuddyPress? A new plugin is here to help you, and yes, it’s compatible with BuddyPress 1.2. Check out the BuddyPress Album+ plugin from Francesco Laffi. This is big news for the BuddyPress community, as many users have been eagerly awaiting this functionality and older plugins have not been updated for 1.2.

BuddyPress Album+ Features

  • Users can upload picture to their albums, and they can add title, description, choose privacy option (public, visible to members, visible to friends, private) and enable/disable comments for the pic. Users can edit and delete their pictures.
  • Admin can set limit for picture upload total count, to enable/disable privacy options and limit for each of them, if description can be empty, pic per page in the default query.
  • For each upload pic will be generated a thumb and a middle size pic, admin can set thumb size, middle size and if original file should be kept.
  • Site admin can edit or delete any picture. They can also hide pictures to members without deleting them.
  • Pic comments are connected to a pic activity, so enable comments for a pic also post an activity for that pic, disable comments also delete the activity, delete the activity also delete and disable comments.
  • Templating should be easy as the pics template class works in a way similar to the wp posts template.

Now please don’t get your panties in a wad, but you’ll have to manually configure this plugin in the wp-config.php file with constants that are written in the beginning of the bp-album-core.php file. The developer is working on an admin page and that will be added ASAP. This plugin does not work with BuddyPress versions older than 1.2.

Features in consideration for future releases include albums for groups, an admin panel, object caching, a command to delete all options, database table and files, widgets, multiple albums, and several other exciting options. Head on over to Francesco Laffi’s site to check out his plans for the plugin, request features, or get support.