Finally, the WordPress Google Analytics Alternative!

Finally, the WordPress Google Analytics Alternative!

Tired of logging in to the Google analytics dashboard to see what’s going on with your WordPress site?

Well now you can see exactly what’s going on with your WordPress site, without having to fumble through the complicated settings in the Google analytics dashboard or relearn it very time Google changes the layout.

I’m talking about a FREE, real time analytics WordPress plugin called Wassup.

Okay, so maybe the plugin name is a little “Generation x,” but check out what this plugin does and I think you’ll be ready to download is and see Wassup for yourself.

No Kidding, REAL TIME WordPress Visitor Statistics

The Wassup WordPress plugin does something that the even the great Google hasn’t included in their analytics yet. It gives you real time statistics of what’s happening on your WordPress site.

In fact, if you’re terribly bored with watching the paint dry in your living room, you can literally site at your computer and watch the hits come and go from your site. We’re talking serious James Bond stuff here, you don’t even have to refresh the page to see your visitor statistics change.

Here’s an example of the information which is displayed in the Wassup dashboard:

See how it shows you exactly where the user is on your site and what their IP address is? And in case that’s not enough, you can actually use a Google maps like feature to zero in on their exact geographical location.

Check THIS out:

Notice the upper part of this screenshot where it shows you what types of visitors are coming to your site. As you can see, Wassup is sophisticated enough to show you which of your visitors are spam bots and which are real visitors, which in by opinion makes it far superior to Google analytics.

The stats graphs make it easy for you to track the progress of your traffic strategies, just as you could in the Google analytics screen…only this works directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Also, notice that you get the information about the user’s browser, their operating system AND which search engine they used to find your WordPress site. But that’s not all, let me show you another plugin that works hand in hand with Wassup to tell you everything you need to know to optimize your WordPress keyword strategy…

Real Time Keyword Analytics for Your WordPress Site

The creator of the Wassup plugin added another cool WordPress analytics plugin called Wassup keywords, and it’s also free and made to work hand in hand with the Wassup analytics plugin. As you might have guessed, this WordPress analytics plugin will tell you exactly which keywords your users typed in to arrive at your WordPress site.

The Wassup Keywords plugin also come with data mining features which allow you to organize and display all the visits for a specific keyword. We all know that Google is taking user behaviors very seriously these days when it comes to search engine rankings.

Now you can see exactly what your users are doing when they arrive on your site and determine how well you’re doing when it comes to creating a site that people will love.

That’s exactly the same thing Google is trying to find out about your site, so this plugin helps you stay one step ahead of Google and to tweak your on page SEO accordingly.

It’s an SEO nerds dream come true…but check THIS out.

The Wassup Keywords plugin also allows you to check your Google rankings for any of the keywords with a click of a button. This feature only works, of course if the visitor came from Google. But I’ve seen dozens of paid SEO tools that promise the same feature and fail to deliver.

This one delivers in just one click, and you don’t have to pay a dime to install it on your WordPress site.

Here’s a couple more cool things about these two WordPress analytics plugins:

  1. They work with BuddyPress and WordPress installations
  2. They work with multisite
  3. They require no configuration, just install them and they’re ready to go

That’s enough ranting and raving from me. I’m sure you’re itching to get your hands on these two WordPress gems and try them out for yourself, so here are the links again:


Seth C