The Best Places to Find WordPress Jobs and Build Your Career

The Best Places to Find WordPress Jobs and Build Your Career

If you’ve been working with WordPress for a while, maybe as a hobby or to develop your own website, and have developed some solid WordPress skills, then you might be thinking about making the leap to working full time with WordPress.

Or you might be an experienced WordPress professional looking to advance your career and move to a more specialized, challenging or better paid job.

So if you’re looking for paid WordPress work, whether freelance or employed, full-time or part-time, where do you start? With the myriad of jobs boards out there, it can be difficult to find the best ones to help you with your search for WordPress work.

In this post, I’ll help you find the best place to identify your next WordPress opportunity, with 13 sites you can use to find a WordPress job.

The sites come in three categories:

  • WordPress-specific jobs boards
  • General jobs boards with WordPress opportunities
  • Location-specific jobs boards

So let’s start with one of the most useful places to start: WordPress-specific jobs boards.

WordPress-Specific Jobs Boards

  • WPHired

    WPHired is the largest and best known WordPress-specific jobs board. It includes thousands of opportunities for freelancers as well as those looking for employment and includes part-time work and internships too. It is international, but the vast majority of jobs are in the US, with a decent proportion in the UK.

    If you sign up you can upload your CV and receive updates when suitable jobs are posted. You can also filter jobs more effectively than in most jobs boards, with categories including plugin development, SEO and writing.

  • WordPress Jobs

    This is the most international of the WordPress-specific jobs boards, with opportunities in locations including the US, Europe and Asia. It includes short-term projects, longer term contracts and employment opportunities and uses a range of categories to help you identify the best jobs for you.

    Categories include design, development, migration and performance, with specific categories for plugin development and theme customization.

    You can’t create an account or upload your CV, but you can subscribe to an RSS feed for the jobs category you’re interested in.

  • Automattic

    If you’re an experienced and ambitious WordPress specialist, you might want to consider applying to join the growing team at Automattic.

    At the time of writing, Automattic has vacancies in administrative functions such as HR as well as for developers and support technicians, or “Happiness Engineers.” Their growing team is distributed around the world and flexible working from your own location is one of the benefits.

General Jobs Boards with WordPress Opportunities

  • Upwork

    Upwork (formerly oDesk) is a freelance jobs board with a substantial WordPress section: at the time of writing there are over 2,000 WordPress opportunities listed on the site.

    Most opportunities are short term projects and budgets can be very small, but it’s a good place to look if you’re looking for your first freelance work.

  • Simply Hired

    Simply Hired has a number of sites catering to different locations, including the US and individual countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

    Most jobs are long term contracts or employment opportunities, with a focus on experienced developers. You can sign up and receive emailed job alerts when new postings are made that correspond to your search.

  • Smashing Jobs

    As you’d expect, the Smashing jobs board includes a variety of technical and design jobs which are relevant to readers of the site.

    The number of WordPress jobs isn’t huge but does include opportunities in the US, Canada and Europe, with most being in the US. You can’t create an account, upload your CV or receive email notifications, but you can subscribe to an RSS feed.

    Interested in Smashing Jobs?

  • AngelList

    AngelList works slightly differently from other jobs boards: instead of encouraging people to browse job listings, it aims to match up job seekers and startups. To use it you have to create a free account, without which you can’t access any job postings. Employers will then be able to see your resume and the idea is that they’ll contact you if you have the skills they need, rather than the other way around.

    This feels like a loss of control if you’re looking for work but does give employers more control over the process and if you’re lucky, getting contacted by an employer who’s interested in you is way easier than sending off loads of applications.

  • Elance

    Elance is a jobs board aimed solely at freelancers. It lets agencies and clients post specific projects they need help with and then freelancers can contact them direct to apply.

    Be warned though – the jobs listed here include some that pay seriously low rates – by the time you’ve gone through the process of trawling the site and contacting clients, you may not be making a good hourly rate. It’s a useful site for people getting started who need to have a few small jobs in their portfolio though, and for getting experience.

Location-Specific Jobs Boards

  • Krop

    The Krop site is US-only and includes a range of WordPress opportunities in a number of states. Jobs posted include employment and contract or freelance opportunities, and tend to be higher quality than the projects posted on some of the freelance-specific boards.

    You can create an account and sign up for emailed job alerts matching your criteria, which is worth doing as the number of jobs isn’t vast so you won’t want to be checking the site every day.

  • Indeed

    Indeed is a huge jobs board for the UK and includes thousands of jobs across a wide range of sectors, including the digital sector. The site can have hundreds of opportunities that involve WordPress skills or experience, but these aren’t all WordPress-only jobs (which may be a good thing if you’re looking for something broader).

    Most jobs tend to be in London, but there are some opportunities working remotely and in other parts of the country. Opportunities include employment and contract work, with the contracts often requiring a high level of specialization. You can create an account and receive email alerts matching your search terms, and do advanced searches by location, salary and more.

  • WP Australia

    Many the international jobs boards don’t include many opportunities in Australia which is where WP Australia comes in. Listings include employment opportunities and short term contracts normally lasting a few months, with more defined freelance opportunities too.

    As with many of the other jobs boards, you can create an account and receive email updates. If you’re looking for a WordPress job in Australia, jobs boards don’t get more targeted than this!

  • Startup Jobs Asia

    The Startup Jobs Asia website is designed to connect startups with potential employees and freelancers across the continent. At the time of writing most of the opportunities are in South East Asia (largely Singapore) but the site does cover the whole of the continent of Asia.

    You can create an account and receive email updates as well as uploading your resume for potential employers to view. Opportunities include a mix of employment, contract and freelance work.


If you’re looking for your first WordPress job, or maybe you want to move your career forward, then at least one of the sites I’ve listed should be able to help you find the right opportunity. There’s a growing market for WordPress professionals worldwide and while not all jobs are advertised, between these sites there are thousands of opportunities to choose from. Good luck!

Which sites do you use to find WordPress jobs? Let me know any good ones I’ve missed in the comments below.

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