Improve WordPress Usability with Floating Admin Menu

Improve WordPress Usability with Floating Admin MenuIn the past there have been many WordPress plugins that have gone on to become a part of the standard WordPress installation functionality. I want to introduce you to a plugin today that I believe should join that illustrious group.

Floating Admin Menu is an excellent example of how to improve the usability of the WordPress backend without sacrifice. The concept is simple, yet blindingly obvious – why shouldn’t the sidebar remain fixed in place as you scroll down? All you are left with is blank space – why not make good use of it?

The plugin’s developer, Till Krüss, made the recommendation that a fixed sidebar be incorporated into WordPress here, and the response was mixed. Ultimately it was suggested that he develop a plugin, so that the adoption rate could be observed. So he went ahead and did so. Here is the end result:

World-changing it is not, but it does just make life that little bit easier. I personally can see no reason why this feature shouldn’t be incorporated into a future WordPress update.

What do you think?

Creative Commons image courtesy of treehouse1977