font dragr Lets You Go Crazy with Drag and Drop Font Testing

font dragr Lets You Go Crazy with Drag and Drop Font Testing

Having fun with the Google Font directory is one of my favorite things to do. It’s fun to change the fonts and see what looks good together and come up with great font combinations for your website. But, what if you could test out those fonts, live in your website, without having to touch a piece of code. Well, now you can.

font dragr is a bookmarklet that lets you test out fonts without needing to touch CSS. All you do is choose which element you want to apply the font to, drag the font from your computer’s font folder and watch is it automagically changes.

drag your font from your computer's font folder and drop it on the bookmarklet

Check out how sexy I made with Comics Sans and Lobster Two fonts

I wonder if James will let me use my typography skills for the next redesign….

The web app was developed by Ryan Seddon, aka the CSS Ninja. It’s still in experimental stages but it’s definitely fun to play around with. Ryan told me on Twitter that he’s got Google web font integration on his todo list. This would make it even more awesome.

Check out this video to see it in action:

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