FrameMarket and GridMarket Get User Request Update

FrameMarket and GridMarket Get User Request Update


We’re always interested in listening to what our members have to say and there were some pretty quick requests after the release of FrameMarket and GridMarket last week. We’ve had users keen to use FrameMarket for their multisite installation, as well as lots of people diving straight in to create their own child themes.

Tammie, our designer, took those comments on board and has updated both FrameMarket and GridMarket to include the user requests.

FrameMarket New Features

  • Show either global products or just the main shop on the front page of Multisite installations
  • Independent color settings for child themes with individual prefixes
  • Always look for child themes before defaulting to parent
  • Now with added BuddyPress theme goodness!

WPMU DEV Members are always giving us input into our plugins and themes, and we’re happy to integrate ideas as much as we are able.

Check out FrameMarket and GridMarket for the latest update.